Sclerotherapy Treatment in Coquitlam, BC

Sclerotherapy Treatment Questions and Answers;

Are you embarrassed or in pain and discomfort from varicose or spider veins and looking to get treatment to help with it? Look no further than Ageless Radiance for our sclerotherapy treatment! Our team of professionals in Coquitlam, BC is available to help you with your varicose and spider vein issues. Call us today to or request an appointment online.

Sclerotherapy Treatment Near Me in Coquitlam, BC
Sclerotherapy Treatment Near Me in Coquitlam, BC

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a treatment available to effectively treat varicose and spider veins. It is often considered the treatment of choice to help take care of small varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy treatment involves injecting a solution directly into the vein, the sclerotherapy solution then causes the vein to scar, forcing the blood to re-route elsewhere into healthier veins surrounding the area. The collapsed vein is then reabsorbed into the local tissue and eventually fades away.

How long does it take for veins to heal after sclerotherapy?

Varicose or spider veins can cause cosmetic concern for patients including pain and discomfort. Our sclerotherapy treatment can help to improve the appearance as well as the symptoms from varicose and spider veins.

The recovery time required after a sclerotherapy treatment is quick. You are encouraged to walk around soon after your sclerotherapy treatment, and will most likely be able to get back into your regular activities as soon as the same day. However, you will need to wear compression socks/stocking or bandages for about two weeks after your treatment.

However, it is wise to avoid strenuous exercise or activity as well as sun exposure on the treated area for at least two weeks after the treatment. This is why we recommend getting compression socks/stocking or bandages after the treatment.

How long does sclerotherapy last?

Sclerotherapy treatment is considered the gold standard in treating both varicose and spider veins. The results from sclerotherapy treatment are permanent. During your treatment, a sclerosant is injected into the walls of the affected veins. The sclerosant irritants the venous walls until they collapse. Once the venous walls are able to collapse, no blood can pass through the vein. With no blood passing through the vein, the vein will then be reabsorbed into the local tissue and fade away.

You will be able to see immediate results and feel relief from your treatment once the session is over. Normally, it can take anywhere from three to twelve weeks for the treated veins to completely disappear.

Spider veins will usually only need one session to destroy the disordered vein fully.

Small varicose veins can also be destroyed completely after just one treatment, and in the case of large varicose veins, it may take more sessions; however, this will be taken into consideration during your consultation appointment with your provider.

How effective is sclerotherapy? 

Sclerotherapy is considered a non-invasive outpatient procedure that usually takes no more than 30 to 45 minutes per session. Once the treatment has concluded, patients are able to drive themselves home and resume normal activities.

Many studies have been conducted to see how the injected veins from each sclerotherapy treatment. It was noted, the procedure works for almost all patients, however with every treatment there is no guarantees.

While there are other treatments available like laser treatments for varicose or spider vein treatment, laser therapy can be more painful, and take much longer to help treat varicose and spider veins than sclerotherapy treatment can, as well, less veins may be treated in a single session in comparison to sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy can provide optimal results for varicose and spider vein removal with less time and treatment sessions. Sclerotherapy does not worsen existing veins and it does not cause more spider veins to form, this type of treatment only helps to heal varicose and spider veins.

Call Ageless Radiance today to learn if our sclerotherapy treatment will be a beneficial treatment to you with our consultation appointment. Ageless Radiance is available Monday – Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Thursday from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We are also conveniently located at Unit 307, 1192 Lansdowne Drive, Coquitlam, BC V3E 1J7. We serve patients from Coquitlam BC, Vancouver BC, Anmore BC, Port Moody BC, Surrey BC, New Westminster BC, Meadows BC, Burnaby BC, and Belcarra BC.