Laser Hair Removal Cost in Coquitlam, BC

Laser Hair Removal Cost Coquitlam, BC

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Laser Hair Removal Cost Coquitlam, BC
Laser Hair Removal Cost Coquitlam, BC

You may use a razor or waxing to remove unwanted body hair, but the results don’t last long, and it’s time consuming. Not to mention, waxing is quite painful. You can try creams and lotions, but none of them provide long-term results and don’t always work. If you’re looking for a more permanent and convenient method for hair removal that’s known to work, Ageless Radiance MedSpa, serving Coquitlam, BC and the surrounding area, offers laser hair removal. The procedure is more affordable than you may think.

General Information About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal consists of our physician using highly concentrated light beams to remove hair. We focus the light energy on your hair follicles, particularly at the pigment. Once the pigment absorbs the light, it causes the hair to die.

What to Expect at Your Laser Hair Removal Procedure

First, you’ll need to schedule a consultation with us. During this time, we discuss with you the pros and cons of laser hair removal and what to expect during your treatment as well as the cost. At your consultation, we make sure you qualify for the procedure. This ensures you receive the results you want.

On the day of your laser hair removal treatment, we’ll ask you about any skin products you’ve used and the medications you’ve taken. Certain ones may hinder your results. Next, our doctor preps your skin for laser hair removal. We shave all of the hair in the area where you want laser hair removal. You may do it before your procedure date if you like.

Before we start the actual procedure, our practitioner will conduct a pulse test. This gives you an idea of what you can expect. You’ll notice that during the procedure and before the pulse test, you’ll feel cool air before we apply the laser.

The length of your laser treatment will depend upon the size of the area we’re treating. In some cases, laser hair removal may only take 20 minutes while others take a few hours. At the conclusion of the appointment, our doctor will apply sunscreen to protect your sensitive skin from the sun. On the other hand, the aloe will soothe your skin.

It may take one to three weeks before the hair actually falls out. You’ll start to see results after your first session. However, you may need several treatments to see the full effects. You’ll notice less hair after each appointment.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

The price of your hair removal depends on a few different factors like the size of the area. You can expect to pay between $100 to $500. Statistics reveal the average cost is $429.

Let’s say you’re a man who wants his entire chest done. You may spend over $150. However, laser hair removal on a small area like the top of your lip will cost less than $100. An even larger area like your back could be more than $600. In comparison to waxing, laser hair removal is sometimes cheaper, depending on the area.

Paying for Your Treatment

Health insurance doesn’t cover laser hair removal since it’s strictly a cosmetic procedure. You’ll need to pay for the price of your treatments completely on your own. We do make it less expensive if you’d like to pay for all of your treatments at once. You can also inquire about our financing program, so you can make payments.

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